Newsletter | October 2020

Newsletter | October 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Message from Mrs Peace

What an unusual first half term we have had.

Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, we have made wonderful progress together in many different ways. Our children have worked together, tried their hardest and showed resilience coping with many new ways of school life.

Co-op Academy Portland; aspiring to be the best school in the community

May I take this opportunity to thank the Co-op Academy staff team for their hard work in Covid times and for keeping our children safe and well-informed. Every day the team shows warmth, compassion and dedication to our families and I am always impressed with how they do what matters most everyday.

Co-op Academy Portland is a Primary School that is going places, and despite our ever-changing lockdown rules, I hope you can see our efforts to work with our community and our mission to listen to what our families tell us.

Co-op Voucher Scheme is back!

Your son/daughter/ward will come home with 2 envelopes after school today – one is a data collection sheet which MUST be completed and returned to school on Monday 2nd November, and the other is a Co-op Voucher for £20 for our free school meal families.

Data Collection

Please complete the data collection sheets sent home today in preparation for the first day after the half term holidays. Your child will collect dojo points if they are prompt with bringing these documents back. If you need support with completion please contact Mrs Tolcher in the school office.

New and Improved Lunches

You will have noticed a much improved menu and lunches available to your children this half term with themed days, such as our Halloween special menu today. If you would like your son/daughter/ward to have a school lunch please let the office know.

Remote Learning

As we fall under the government’s Tier 3 area for Covid concern, it is important that we prepare our children for home-learning should the need to be educated from home arise. This could be because of a local lockdown, but it could also be because of a bubble closure in school.

Please look on our school website at the end of the day – under our ‘Home Learning’ button – to see the work produced by our teachers for our children complete if they have to enter isolation after the half term holidays. 

We are very proud that this isolation work reflects the learning that children in the class will undertake.

Please encourage your child to look after their learning books and to engage with their teachers via our website , Dojo and Google classroom to help support their educational progress.

Deadline for secondary school applications

Please be aware that the deadline for secondary school applications for September 2021 is now open and closes at the end of this month. Visit

Thank you for your continued support this half term.

It has been a wonderful journey learning your children’s names and seeing what they love about our school. Our mission is to learn about our ‘Ways of Being’ and develop into young adults who are ready for their next stage of learning.

  • Do what matters most
  • Be yourself always
  • Succeed together
  • Show you care

Please do not hesitate to contact our school office on 0151 652 5124 if you have any queries, or need further support. We want our children to take ownership of their learning and see the importance of having a good education. 

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs C Peace