Letter to Parents/Carers ‘Statement about Free School Meals’

Dear Parents / Carers,

Statement about Free School Meals

Please accept this letter as an apology for the food packages you received from the school team on Friday.

Not only did they arrive too late in the day to you, but for many of our families the food packages were described as an insult and not an effective supplement for having a school lunch in the canteen.

Why did this happen?
Following the Prime Minister’s closing of schools on Monday night so suddenly, schools and catering companies had to work very quickly to roll out a huge number of food parcels to school communities.

The concept of the catering company’s food parcels was fresh food, to be cooked at home with cooking instructions to follow to produce deliciously healthy food similar to the meals served in the school canteen.

Unfortunately, the raw produce looked incomplete as they were proportioned (cut up) to help parents follow the recipe, and the instructions were quite tricky.

Improvements made
After delivery of these food parcels to our school community late Friday afternoon and into the evening (following their arrival at school), Co-op Academies Trust was made aware of the unsatisfactory food parcels for our school community.

Immediate plans were put in place to address the Free School Meal offer with the primary focus on being able to spread the food around for the whole family to benefit from, not just small individual portions for individual children.

What will happen this week?
Following delivery to our school on Wednesday, parents and carers will be able to collect their food package for their Free School Meal children on Thursday between 11am and 1pm.

This will now consist of (or similar):
1 thick sliced white loaf
1 400g tin of baked beans
1 400g tin of spaghetti
1 400g tin of meatballs in either gravy or tomato sauce
1 400g tin beans and sausages
1 bag of dried pasta
Grated cheese
½ cucumber
Cherry tomatoes
5 packets of crisps
5 pieces of fruit
5 homemade cakes or biscuits

Our catering team have worked hard to address the concerns we had and we hope that this will be more beneficial to you and your families.

Your children go to a Co-op School – and this means that we go above and beyond for our community, and will make sure that we serve our families as best as we can at all times. We strive to Succeed Together and we believe that by Doing what Matters we can overcome any challenges which may arise.

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Stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs C Peace